Fangoria magazine and Lightning Media have teamed up to release eight chillers on DVD Sept. 28 as the Fangoria FrightFest Collection. But there's a great contest now through July 19th online where you can screen eight trailers and vote on their merits. The film with the most votes will get a limited release. Luckily I have seen all of them and can give you tips on the best ones. Fragile (pictured below) is a fabulously effective ghost tale set in a gloomy children's hospital on the Isle Of Wight starring Calista Flockhart and directed by the talented Juame Balaguero (REC). Road Kill stars the new heartthrob from Australia Xavier Samuel (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) about a bunch of kids stalked by a supernatural truck. It's preposterous but a lot of fun. Grimm Love (pictured above) is When Harry Met Sally for gay cannibals and has a mesmerizing performance by Thomas Kretschmann based on real life killer Armin Meiwes who met a man on line and actually ate him. This is my choice for best of the fest, although, as usual, the cheese will likely stand alone... The Tomb is a silly gothic take on Edgar Allan Poe with a broody Wes Bentley as a college professor seduced by a devious dame. Pig Hunt is my guilty pleasure. A bunch of buddies and one girlfriend go to a remote cabin for some serious hunting and get turned into the prey, stalked by crazed hillbillies, a bloodthirsty boar and a cult of crazed marijuana farmers. No kidding -- it gets really wild. The Haunting is an interesting Spanish thriller about a haunted Bishop's mansion and a wife who thinks she is slowly losing her mind. Dark House stars Re-Animator's Jeffrey Combs as the impresario of a hologram spook house set where an actual violent crime once was committed. It of course gets out of control when a real spirit invades the "machinery". Finally, Hunger is a grim shocker about several strangers who awake imprisoned in a rock quarry by a  fiend who watches them on video monitors waiting for them to eat one another. Bone appetit!

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