Fabian Basabe's Back in Town... And Back at the Cubby Hole!

Fabian Basabe

So... FYI: If these past couple of days you thought you saw me strutting down the avenues like a jungle cat, polished yet effortless, mysteriously edgy but disarmingly approachable... yes, it was me. I AM BA-ACK!!! AND I LOVE IT!!!

I attended the Adam by Adam Lippes show over the weekend. I have been his strong supporter since the very beginning, partially because he is terribly talented but mostly because he and I have been friends forever, mildly at first, and incandescently after the week we spent in Rio de Janeiro for New Years Eve several years ago. When we hugged goodbye at JFK after our returning flight, I knew that a deep gratitude for surviving the vacation, a new found appreciation for the little things in life and secrets as dark as our perfect tans were the pillars of a very long-lasting friendship. And in fact, here we are, years later, still sensational looking, him, at the head of a very successful clothing line named after him, and me, just hanging out backstage….

Anyway, the show was great, and Anna Wintour was there, who I had never seen at Adam's so... kudos man, you keep getting better and better and I am proud of you! After the show, I joined Jonathan Morr, Bob Collacello and Paul Beirne, all veterans of the Rio vacation, and went for lunch at Stand, Jonathan's new very cool burger joint, and I realized that when you are happy and with friends, food tastes so good. Or maybe Jonathan simply knows what he is doing and Stand is a very good restaurant.

Later that night, I met Adam at the dinner for his new collection at BO BO, a very cool-looking restaurant, and shared a fun table with Cynthia Moureto, Fabiola Beracasa and the one and only Jenne Pipino, whom I love. Next stop was, of course, the Beatrice Inn but... I don't know, maybe I am completely jaded by Los Angeles, where kids go to a club to party, rather than to network, so I grabbed my posse and left in a hurry. Destination: The Cubby Hole, the lesbian bar around the corner. Yes, I have been there before, and I went back there because one, it is fun, and two, that is where I met Josh Hartnett so, you know... I gave it another shot. He was not there, but we still managed to have a great time and dance like fools!

And after a quick pit stop at Model Karaoke at Cipriani, I called it a night, since the next day I had to wake up at the crack of noon.

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