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It's Time to Hit the Brakes On Gentrification

Recently Spike Lee went off on an epic rant about gentrification, shooting off a blitzkrieg of f-bombs in a speech he gave at Pratt Institute in honor of Black History Month. He touched on a… Read Full Story

Goodbye "Disruptive," Hello "Relevant" As the Word Du Jour

The word "relevant" has become so prevalent that it's almost impossible to avoid, most often in the last place you'd imagine: the business page. One recent example, from McDonald's CEO Don Thompson in Businessweek: "We've… Read Full Story

Wendy James Is Back

At 16, Wendy James began a musical odyssey that brought her international stardom as the lead singer of Transvision Vamp, a pop-punk band that went on to record several top-10 hits in England in the… Read Full Story

Drew Barrymore Had a Baby + Rooftop Fish in Brooklyn = 8 Items Or Less

1) Drew Barrymore had a baby girl named Olive, which we think falls within the "sweet and respectable" range of the "Celebrities Who Name Their Children After Food" spectrum. Congrats! [UsWeekly]2) The 83rd Volume of… Read Full Story
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Artist Ai Weiwei Still Can't Travel Outside of China.

The Chinese government continues to show no mercy in its campaign to silence Ai Weiwei. Even after lifting his bail conditions, and a year after he was released from prison, they continue to prevent him… Read Full Story

Remembering Etan Patz, Still Missing 33 Years Later

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The name Etan Patz still sends a chill down my spine some 33 years after he famously disappeared one morning, the first time the six year old was allowed to walk to school on his… Read Full Story

Mike D'Antoni Is Out, Long Live the Knicks!

I hate change, so I'm sad to see Mike D'Antoni depart as the Knicks' coach. My first reaction was to blame Knicks' owner James Dolan, who's been meddling with the general manager and coaching decisions… Read Full Story
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Anna Wintour and Clint Eastwood Anger Republicans

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Things are going so well for the Democrats and Barack Obama that the Republicans are now finding cause to complain about Anna Wintour and Clint Eastwood.Vogue editor Wintour, a known Democrat fund raiser, has come… Read Full Story
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Etta James RIP

Just last week I was listening to Etta James because I was taken by a sample from Flo-Rida's "Good Feelings" (below) and wanted to know more about the amazing voice that carries the infectious… Read Full Story

@DaveNavarro Is Now Following @CallMeJuno (Juno Temple). More Followers Follow...

On of our favorite features of Twitter these days is the "Activity" tab. Here you can find out what your followers are doing -- who's favoriting whom and even more fun, who's following whom. For… Read Full Story
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David's Art Basel Highlights

Paper editor David Hershkovits was down in Miami last week for Art Basel and snapped a handful of photos for us. Here are a few highlights from his adventures out and about.… Read Full Story
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High Line Co-Founder Robert Hammond on the Park's Gayness and His Nostalgia for a Grittier NYC


In the few short years since the High Line opened in 2009, it has become an iconic part of the New York City landscape and a rallying cry for urban developers everywhere. In High Line:… Read Full Story

Will Hermes On His New Chronicle of NYC Music in the '70s and Why Bruce Springsteen Is More Punk Than You Think


Will Hermes is a boy from Queens who loved to rock so much he went on to become a senior critic at Rolling Stone and is the author of the new music book Love… Read Full Story
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Policing Occupy Wall Street

With the Occupy Wall Street movement spreading to Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, D.C., Seattle and many other cities (even countries like Ireland), it's time for the police to come to grips with the legitimacy of… Read Full Story

This Week in Mainstreaming of Marijuana News...

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Perhaps nothing reflects the mainstreaming of marijuana as two recent examples that have caught my eye. The first comes via the New York Times, touting the Wispr, a sleek vaporizer that goes for $270. Now… Read Full Story
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Thank You, Steve.

The accolades and tributes continue to pour in for the late Steve Jobs, the "visionary" who went on to build a digital products company that created game-changing devices from the Apple computer to iTunes, the… Read Full Story

Entourage, I'll Miss You.

Entourage has been one of my guilty pleasures over the eight years it's been on. Last season was my favorite: Vince's (Adrian Grenier) decline into coke and sex addiction with his girlfriend Sasha Grey, the… Read Full Story

Emerging from Hurricane Irene

With the news of Hurricane Irene making its way to the New York area, I was confronted with the choice of staying in the East Village within blocks of the danger zone or going… Read Full Story

Checking In With Urban Theorist Richard Florida, Who Says NYC Is Doing Just Fine

Richard Florida is walking through the Modern, Danny Meyer's new restaurant at the MoMA, wondering why its patrons have transformed from business-y and middle-aged to a casual crowd in its 30s in the few hours… Read Full Story

Digging the 7th Season of Weeds

It's hard to know what to make of Weeds, a show that has grown frustratingly bizarre but retains a loyal viewership. Here in its 7th season, the stoner comedy follows a single mom pot dealer… Read Full Story