EMA (and a Bunch of GIFs) Take Over Venice Beach In "So Blonde"

by Sarah Bellman

"Fuck California, you made me boring," art-rocker EMA bluntly proclaimed on her single "California" off her awesome 2011 debut album, Past Life Martyred Saints. However, three years later, Erika M. Anderson (who we interviewed back in 2011) practically embraces L.A. culture in her new video for "So Blonde." The second video released from her forthcoming sophomore album, The Future's Void, out April 8, features EMA chillin' out and taking in some Venice Beach vibes as dancing animated characters that look straight out of a low-budget version of Grand Theft Auto (and were created by Molly Soda) invade the boardwalk. Directed by Vice Cooler, the video perfectly captures both the weirdness and blasé 'tude of So-Cal.

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