Elvis has left the house

Gucci's Frida Giannini and Gucci's "ex" Tom Ford seem to have become the Siskel and Ebert of fashion these days. Giannini, Gucci's creative director, continues to insinuate that Ford's previous hardcore aggro sex vibes now seem very tired  and very late nineties and that modern women these days want something more charming and innocent (or as she puts it "I design for a woman who is unaware of her own sex appeal"). Giannini sent out her first womens wear show (she previously just designed accessories) to cautiously optimistic reviews in Milan last week (at right). What a difference five years makes! Giannini's aesthetic to us seems more aligned with early Yves St. Laurent than Tom Fords did when he was designing his hard core hard edged looks for the house years ago (horrifying Mr. St. Laurent we may add). But Ford's aesthetic is far from defunct. Just last week, Estee Lauder released a preview of their new campaign for Ford's newest fragrance, "Youth Dew" and it was Ford personified (see above). Although not slutty, the look was sleek, sexual, erotic and not warm and fuzzy. There will be PLENTY of women who live for Ford's aesthetic, thats for sure.  Sex always sells. Although we still think that charm and flirty girly girl aesthetic is also desirable and even commercial these days. Look at the success of Marc Jacobs. Just as Ford built an empire around the dominant, highly sexual woman, so has Jacobs built an empire around the "ingenue" sweet girly-girl.


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