'Ella, 'Ella, 'Ella: 10 Cute Umbrellas To Get You Through the Dreary Weather Ahead

Carly Pifer

Why does almost-June feel more like almost-December?  With a depressing ten-day forecast spotted with rain clouds and lightening rods ahead of us, you're going to have to brave the downpour. At least treat yourself to a chic new umbrella to cure your rainy-day blues.
1. Top Shop Blue Gingham Frill Walker Umbrella, $40, at Top Shop

2. Marimekko Silkkikuikka Yellow Umbrella, $19.95, at Crate and Barrell

3. Pylones Umbrella, $32, at Pylones

4. Brooks Brothers Tattersall Umbrella, $60 at Brooks Brothers

5. David David Multi-coloured Umbrella, £85.00, at Dark Room London

6. Princeton Umbrella, $30 at Princeton University Store
7. Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella with Primary Dots, $15.40, at Totes

8. Undercover Space Explorer Umbrella, $37.99, at Mod Cloth

9. Vilak Sailor Umbrella, $27.99, at Moolka

10. Muji Markable Umbrella, $13.99, at Muji

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