Elisa Sednaoui's Fashion Week Journal Part 2: Rodarte, Eminem and Jay-Z

Elisa Sednaoui
Italian actress and muse d'Karl Lagerfeld, Elisa Sednaoui, has been making the rounds at Fashion Week over the past few days, attending Lagerfeld's FIT tribute, DJing Diane von Furstenberg Fashion's Night Our Party and walking in DVF's show on Sunday. Did we mention she's also Christian Louboutin's niece? It doesn't get any chic-er than this, people. Here, Sedanoui tells us all about Rodarte's shiver-inducing show and seeing Jay-Z and Eminem.

Wednesday, September 15

I love New York because there are so many young designers here working hard and creating new things. I feel like the city allows young people to dare, to go forward, and to believe in themselves. I feel like a chance is given here to everyone who works hard for one and that's where the city's sense of positivity comes from.

Yesterday I saw the most precious Rodarte show. The clothes were so beautiful and are truly  pieces of art. From their "wood" color shades and their shapes, to the-neon light-bathed stage,elegant choreography and music from great DJ Michel Gaubert the entire show was genius. I had shivers.

This week has also offered so many amazing musical performances. It all started with the incredible French rock singer Izia who performed at the party which followed the re-opening of Chanel's Soho store last Thursday. At 19, that girl has such charisma and presence on stage. She is wild, free and has an intriguing, savage beauty. The audience was completely mesmerized and under her spell.

Pop Magazine gave us another unbelievable present: Iggy Pop at Don Hills on Fashion's Night Out. For those who managed to get in (by 11:30 p.m. the police has arrived to quell the crowds and the doors were shut) it was an evening that will be hard to forget. I felt so lucky and grateful to see him live and in such a cozy and intimate place. He acts as if there are no boundaries between the stage and the dance floor when he performs. You can tell that he gives his performances his all and I'm always moved when I see that. It makes me want to go further and further in what I do. To give everything my all as well, with my heart wide open. It got pretty hot and sweaty (men, you don't look sexy when you're dripping, I assure you) during the show. The crazy dancing and pushing around really made me think of punk and ska concerts I used to go when I was 14. Thank you Iggy!

I was off Fashion Week on Monday, and my friends Renzo Rosso and Giacomo Nicolodi invited me to join them to see Eminem and Jay-Z's concert at Yankee Stadium. I'm still in shock. I haven't been listening to much hip-hop or rap lately, but they have reconnected me with it. I was really dancing! One of the things I like about Eminem is that in every song there is, aside from an amazing study of sound, a meaning. He touches many different and sensitive subjects: the relationships with family, your lover, the media. His music has depth. His music videos are also always really good, with a story and great direction. He's such a smart man. I was in awe like a little girl lost in that 30,000 person crowd, staring at these incredible video installations on stage for the whole time. I really wonder who created the videos for the show,  because he or she is a genius! Images of old videos, mixed with the actual show and effects. It's hard to describe it with words, but what we saw was truly "entertainment." A real show.

Did I also mention that Dr.Dre, 50Cent (in a Gucci jacket that at a certain point became fluorescent) and Kanye West popped up every couple of songs? That was, until, he, the king, the boss, the superstar, Jay-Z finally appeared. Then I was really speechless.  It was so perfect to see this concert in New York, and, from my European point of view, it was an amazing insight of America, and I felt like I was in a movie with all these people who looked like characters around me! It was so cute how everyone knew all the lyrics by heart, and for those who didn't remember a couple of them, there were big panels giving them the words.

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