Eight Items or Less: Yeasayer, Vampire Vacations & a Hungry Worm

Gary Pini

1. While Yeasayer may not quite have achieved the level of success enjoyed by fellow Brooklynites MGMT, we did love their first album All Hour Cymbals.  The band has completed a new album Odd Blood, that's coming out early next year, and the first single "Ambling Alp" can be heard here.  They are playing tonight, October 30, 8 p.m., at the Guggenheim (1071 Fifth Avenue @ 89th Street).

2. Last night at the same venue/museum, the winners of the First Annual Art Awards were announced with Kylie Minogue and Julianne Moore in attendance.

3. 10 Vampire Vacations

4. BREAKING NEWS from Practical Fishkeeping Magazine:  "Giant penis-eating worm found in UK aquarium."

Here's a complete guide to Halloween-related music.

6. Claiming lack of evidence, the L.A. District Attorney yesterday released Josh Woodward -- one of the owners of Table 8 restaurant in the Cooper Square Hotel.  Woodward had been arrested last weekend following the death of his unborn child.  Apparently, his long-time girlfriend, Ocean Drive writer Suzy Buckley, was not the mother.  (via Miami Herald and Miami New Times)

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