1. While Yeasayer may not quite have achieved the level of success enjoyed by fellow Brooklynites MGMT, we did love their first album All Hour Cymbals.  The band has completed a new album Odd Blood, that's coming out early next year, and the first single "Ambling Alp" can be heard here.  They are playing tonight, October 30, 8 p.m., at the Guggenheim (1071 Fifth Avenue @ 89th Street).

2. Last night at the same venue/museum, the winners of the First Annual Art Awards were announced with Kylie Minogue and Julianne Moore in attendance.

3. 10 Vampire Vacations

4. BREAKING NEWS from Practical Fishkeeping Magazine:  "Giant penis-eating worm found in UK aquarium."

Here's a complete guide to Halloween-related music.

6. Claiming lack of evidence, the L.A. District Attorney yesterday released Josh Woodward -- one of the owners of Table 8 restaurant in the Cooper Square Hotel.  Woodward had been arrested last weekend following the death of his unborn child.  Apparently, his long-time girlfriend, Ocean Drive writer Suzy Buckley, was not the mother.  (via Miami Herald and Miami New Times)