Eight Items or Less: The Blip Festival + Kevin Spacey Is Unamused by Cassettes Won't Listen

Gary Pini
1. The fifth-annual Blip Festival runs May 19 to 21 at Eyebeam (540 West 21st Street).  Curated and organized by 8bitpeoples and The Tank, the fest celebrates chip-tunes, vintage game hardware and electronic music with workshops, films and live performances by Tristan Perich, Bit Shifter, minusbaby, Talk To Animals, vade and more capitalization-phobic artists.

2. The blipsters (see #2) have lots to celebrate this year with news that the National Endowment for the Arts will now make all media platforms -- including digital games, Internet etc. -- eligible for grant money. [IFC News]

The Hotel Williamsburg (160 North 12th Street) is holding a little contest to find a name for their penthouse suite. Go here to enter and you might win a free weekend stay.  The hotel is set for a grand-opening in June with rates starting around $199 and chef Andres Grundy's Pillar and Plough restaurant plus a fab rooftop bar and ground-floor swim club.

4. New York Art Department is presenting a collaboration between Alife and Brooklyn contemporary furniture company UHURU called "Private Property" on May 13, 6 to 8 p.m., at 312 Bowery. The show features high-end contemporary furniture and graffiti culture with works by Earsnot, Semen, Jim Joe and KR. This could be your first chance to check out the Bowery space that is expected to become the new home of The Hole gallery, scheduled to open on June 4.

5. After an under-whelming reaction to "Judas," Lady Gaga tries again with the release of another single today called "Edge of Glory," also from her upcoming album. [MTV]

6. Tyler, the Creator's "Yonkers" video cost $8,000 "including insect handler and videographer." [WSJ]

7 Listen to Rome, the new album by Danger Mouse, Daniele Luppi, Norah Jones and Jack White.  [The Guardian]

8. Jason Drake, a/k/a Cassettes Won't Listen, was served a cease and desist by Kevin Spacey's lawyers for naming his upcoming album KEVINSPACEY. The new name of the album? EVINSPACEY.  Download a free track on the CWL website.

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