Eight Items or Less: Rye Rye's New Video & W'Burg's New Event Space

Jonah Wolf

1. PAPERMAG blogger Rye Rye has a new video, directed by her friend M.I.A.:

2. Prep-rockers Harlem Shakes also have a new video, a parody of YouTube montages.

3. After the success of Friday's Michael Jackson Bike Ride, Time's Up has scheduled another for July 24.

4. Move over Capitale: the Williamsburgh Savings Bank's cavernous ground floor is turning into an event space (though its landmark status prevents any modifications).

5. City renames the corner of Hollis Avenue and 205 Street "Run DMC JMJ Way" in honor of the groundbreaking rap group and their slain deejay.

6. Celebrate Canada Day with this clip from The Band.

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