Eight Items or Less: Ryan Trecartin's Monograph + A Look At Taavo Somer's & Ignacio Mattos' New Restaurant, Isa

1. This October, Skira Rizzoli/Elizabeth Dee will publish artist Ryan Trecartin's first monograph. You can also see his show, Any Ever, at PS1 through September 3rd.

2. The hideous "marriage vow" that Republican presidential candidates Michelle Bachman and Rick Santorum signed, has been slammed by fellow candidate Mitt Romney. He called it "undignified and inappropriate." [TalkingPointsMemo]

3. Meanwhile, The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs reports that hate crimes against the LGBT community are up 13% from last year. [Newser]

4. Prospect Heights restaurant Ortine is showing outdoor movies on Wednesdays. Tonight they've got The Breakfast Club at 8 p.m.

5. Diplo and... Bruno Mars are feuding on Twitter.  [TheDailySwarm]

6. Brooklynology takes an interesting look into the teenage gangs that wreaked havoc on Brooklyn in the late '40s and early '50s. They had names like "the Jolly Stompers, the South Brooklyn Boys and the Socialistic Gents" and were actually pretty violent.

7. This video of Dave Grohl kicking someone out of a Foo Fighters concert for fighting is pretty entertaining. He uses such a gruff, scary dad voice! A far cry from his days pretending to be an ice junkie from Holland. [Reddit via The Daily What]

8. Isa, the yet-to-open new Williamsburg restaurant from Taavo Somer and Ignacio Mattos, had a party for photographer Todd Selby last night. T Magazine has pics.

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