Eight Items or Less: R.I.P. Blog House & Hipster Glasses

1. The Village Voice names the ten "once-hot shit" music trends "that (mostly) won't be joining us in the '10s." Farewell "Hyphy" and "Blog House," we hardly knew ye.

2. Big, plastic-framed hipster glasses have officially jumped the shark. Thanks, Britney. 

3. The Washington Post reports that the George W. Bush Presidential Library, set to open in 2013, will house "68 million pages of documents, a surfboard, 175 million e-mails, countless cowboy hats, 3,845,912 photographs, Stan 'The Man' Musial's autograph, gold and silver swords, handmade quilts, diamond jewelry, cowboy boots, classified files, a gift from the pope and the 9mm Glock pistol that Saddam Hussein was armed with when he was rooted out of his spider hole in Iraq." (Via TPM)

4. Get excited for 01/02/2010, a palindromic date! Join other geeks on the New York Times's TierneyLab blog for today's "Monday Puzzle" and figure out when the last palindromic date occurred and how many palindromic dates there are in mmddyyyy format between the dates 01-01-1000 and 12-31-2999.

5. Check out this Glee flashmob that took place last week in Rome. 

6. Over at New York Magazine, Adam Sternbergh gets all heady about Jersey Shore: "So our jeering of the Guidos isn't a demonstration of our cruelist instincts; it's the cover that allows us to indulge our sappiest desires."

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