Eight Items or Less: Pachacuti Gets Certified & Endless Boogie Get ID'd

Gary Pini
1. Hat label Pachacuti received the honor of being the first company allowed to label its products "Certified Fair Trade and Sustainable" by the World Fair Trade Organization

2. What if your band plays in Miami and nobody knows who you are?  New York rockers Endless Boogie played the Max Fish pop-up during Basel/Miami and Miami New Times had to offer a reward to ID them. PAPER, of course, has known who they are for a long time.

3. The New Music Seminar and OurStage are hosting a talent search for urban, rock and pop artists and the deadline for entries was just extended to December 22.  All the details are here.

4. We are digging nycgo's Extreme Local's guide to the Upper East Side. Who knew there was a "sushi renaissance" taking place in the East 70s?

5.  Spotted at the Armani Exchange dinner at the Delano, Miami, over the weekend:  Kelly Osbourne, Luke Worrell, Wilmer Valderrama, Alex Rodriguez, Ingrid Casares and David Cassidy.  (via The Miami Herald)

6. Did too much bass kill a London club kid?  A 19-year-old complained about the loud music in a Camden nightclub and then collapsed and died from sudden arrhythmic death syndrome.

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