Eight Items Or Less: Mad Men Streams + Maurice Sendak's New Book

1) Alec Baldwin is moderating the discussion "The 9/11 Decade: New York and America  After the Towers" Thursday, September 8th, at the Public Theater. Tickets are available August 4th.

2) And, uh, Baldwin would also like to know who you'd most like to... impregnate? [Buzzfeed]

3) Actor/artist Leo Fitzpatrick is curating a new show of responses to the work of Ray Johnson at Half Gallery. "Ray's a Laugh," including pieces by Joe Bradley, Dan Colen, Leo Fitzpatrick, Ray Johnson, Hanna Liden, Nate Lowman, Adam McEwen, Josh Smith and Dash Snow, opens August 1st and runs through September 7th.

4) All four seasons of Mad Men will be streaming on Netflix instant starting tomorrow. It will shock you how much it instantly streamed.

5) Matthew Barney's Cremaster cycle is streaming this week on Network Awesome.

6) To mark its 40th anniversary, George Harrison's album The Concert for Bangladesh makes its debut on iTunes today.

7) Maurice Sendak in a recent Dave Eggers-penned Vanity Fair profile on the author and his new book, Bumble Ardy: "My work is not great, but it's respectable. I have no false illusions." [VF]

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