Eight Items or Less: Lots of Free Concerts + Watercolor-esque Tattoos

Gary Pini

1. In addition to being the official start of summer and the longest day of the year, today, June 21st, is also the traditional international day for Fete de la Musique.  Since the '70s it's been a special day for free music in the streets performed by amateurs and pros, but the concept has never really caught on here in the USA. Fortunately there's a group of New Yorkers who have been trying to get the ball rolling for the last few years with their own annual variation called Make Music New York.  This year there will be over 1,000 free concerts all over the city and the full schedule is listed here.

2. In the same spirit, Flying Lotus is doing a free show with a full band tonight at (le) Poisson Rouge (158 Bleecker St.).   The doors don't open until midnight and you must RSVP here for admission.

3. Tomorrow night at 7 p.m., the French Embassy and Music Office are hosting a free France Rocks! concert at Hiro Ballroom (88 Ninth Ave.) with Louis Bertignac of Telephone, Ben L'Oncle Soul, The Two and Maia Vidal. Go here to RSVP for this one.

4. AND, if you still haven't had enough free music, Beach Fossils, Javelin and Punches are playing a free show on June 23rd at Santos Party House (96 Lafayette St.).  The concert is presented by Ray-Ban and you need to be +21 and RSVP here.

5. The Asia Society (725 Park Ave.) is going to exhibit 227 photos taken by the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei while he lived in the East Village from 1983 to 1993.  The show will be up from
June 29 to August 14.

6. Twelve British artists were selected to design a series of posters for the 2012 Olympics in London  They include Tracey Emin, Martin Creed, Chris Ofili, Sarah Morris, Bridget Riley and Rachel Whiteread.

7. Apparently, a Wet Hot American Summer prequel is maybe in the works.

8. Here are some tattoos that look like watercolor paintings.  

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