Eight Items or Less: Falling Satellite News + Watch a Psychic Channel Kurt Cobain

Gary Pini

1. If NASA knows exactly where and when their dead satellite is going to fall today, they're not telling because too many people would go to the location and...squish. [NYT]

2. The annual DUMBO Arts Festival starts today, September 23, and runs thru Sunday.  Expect hundreds of open studios, galleries, concerts, dancers and "urban birdhouses." Here's all the details.

3. A huge private collection of Swatch watches is being sold in Hong Kong on November 24.  The 4,350 watches were collected by Peter and Linda Blum. Philips de Pury) Meanwhile, Ke$ha designed a line of watches for Baby G. They're all square because the singer "hates circles." [Phillips de Pury, Billboard]

4. Rap pioneers The Sugarhill Gang are working on a new album. [All Hip Hop]

5. The (seasonal?) closing party of Ete d'Amour at the Standard Hotel (444 West 13th Street) is this Sunday, September 25, with DJs Justin Miller, Marcus Marr and Pretty Paul.

6. Scottish band Mogwai are playing Webster Hall (125 East 11th Street) on Monday, September 26, and Tuesday. The Rapture play there tonight.

7. Here's
a fabulously sarcastic letter Nirvana sent out to fans before the release of Nevermind, which has its 20th anniversary this weekend. Meanwhile, MTVHive marked the album's 20th by having a psychic channel Kurt Cobain. [Buzzfeed, MTVHive]

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