Eight Items or Less: Beautiful Losers Comes to a Theater Near You, Ringo's Head Gets Chopped Off and Red Bull Cola Arrives in June

Gary Pini

1. You read the book and went to the art exhibit, so now get ready for the movie. The documentary film Beautiful Losers is coming this summer to a theater near you. Aaron Rose, who co-curated the earlier versions of BL, is also behind the film. Among the featured artists: Harmony Korine, Mike Mills, Shepard Fairey, Chris Johanson etc. Watch the trailer here: www.beautifullosers.com

2. Somebody chopped off Ringo's head! Don't worry, it was just the hedge version. Italian sculptor Franco Covill created an Edward Scissorhands replica of the Fab Four outside the Liverpool transit station but a Ringo-hater decapitated the drummer. (Telegraph UK)

3. Party at the Hiro Ballroom on Thursday, April 10, with UK DJ/producer Sinden, Steve Aoki, A-Trak, Sammy Bananas plus Kid Cudi and Nick Catchdubs. (371 W. 16th St., $10 in advance)

4. "I just wanted anybody to be able to walk in off the street and really sense the history that was here," says John Varvatos about his new store located in the the now-shuttered CBGB. And considering the advance sniping, it all turned out to be not so bad after all. ( 315 Bowery, NYC)

5. The MTA is running a new "Lost and Found" ad campaign featuring a missing glove. If you've lost a glove on the subway and call them, we doubt they'll have it ready for you to pick up later today. Perhaps there's a big room somewhere in the Bronx filled with millions of gloves and you can just help yourself.

6. Coke and Pepsi better beware, Red Bull Cola is coming in June. $1.49 for a 12 oz. can.

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