Eight Items or Less: Barbie Vampires & Scary Beards

Gary Pini
1. The Barbie vampires are coming!  On December 12th a limited-edition set of the Twilight stars will be available in stores. The Robert Pattinson doll features his "strong jawline and vampire glow."

2. New York Magazine vs. New York Press: It's on.  Not happy with NYM's Brooklyn Top 40, NYP lists their own.  At least they both like The Drums.

3. The 15 scariest and most relevant beards of all time.

4. Nielsen/Soundscan reports that purchases of vinyl albums increased (again) in 2009 with over 2 million sold. (via Billboard)

5. Foodies (and those in need of good laugh) should check out this Miami New Times review of the new South Beach branch of Mr. Chow.   AND:  We hear that another South Beach restaurant, Red Steakhouse (119 Washington Avenue) is serving the stars of Discovery Channel reality show Deadliest Catch -- crabs, not people.  Supposedly it's one of the only spots in the country that offers the entire Alaskan King Crab and not just the legs.

6. Amanda Lepore is DJing tonight, November 12, at Beauty Bar (231 E. 14 St.) and UK singer Sam Taylor is performing at Santos Party House (96 Lafayette Street).

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