Eight Items or Less: Art Basel/Miami Edition, Part V

Gary Pini
1. The Sagamore (1671 Collins Avenue) hotel is no longer managed by the Thompson Group and is back in the hands of the building owners, Martin and Cricket Taplin. They have put together a great art collection for the hotel over the years with works by Spencer Tunick, Robert Chambers, Olafur Eliason, Thomas Hirschhorn and lots more. This year they've added a collab video installation called "Where is the Black Beast" by Simon Lee and musician Algis Kizys. Stop by and enjoy the show.

2. You can celebrate (or keep celebrating) the 25th anniversary of our favorite NYC restaurant Indochine and their fab photo-history book, Stories: Shaken and Stirred, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. tonight, December 3, at the Mondrian (1100 West Avenue) hotel pool.

3.3000 people are going to stand in the ocean and join hands to form a giant peace symbol on Saturday, December 5, between the Shore Club (1901 Collins Avenue) and the Delano (1685 Collins Avenue) hotels. The event is scheduled to start around 1 p.m. and is sponsored by our friends at Ben & Jerry's ice cream, the Morgans Hotel Group (shout-out to Ben Pundle) and Interview magazine.

4. South Beach has gone from a one-hamburger town to five. It's probably because a burger is very recession-friendly and, yes, almost everybody loves 'em. The only decent one used to be found at Cheeseburger Baby (1505 Washington Avenue) but now there's a Five Guys outlet right across the street at 1500. For the more upscale crowd there's 8 oz. Burger Bar (1080 Alton Road) and B&B Burger and Beer Joint (1766 Bay Road). The local Shake Shack (1111 Lincoln Road) is coming soon.

5. Terrence Koh is celebrating his Flaunt magazine cover at LIV nightclub in the Fountainebleau (4441 Collins Avenue) hotel tonight, December 3.

6. People we ran into last night:  Brian Antoni, Julia Chaplin, Shepard Fairey, Carlo McCormick, Jauretsi Saizarbitoria, Emilia Menocal, Vito and Lola Schnabel, Jeremy Scott, Gary Baseman,Tom Austin, Suzy Buckley, John & James Lin, Amir Ben Zion, The Quinlans, Nick and Tara, Jose Ortiz, Ari and Michele, Mike Nouveau, The Hood, Fifi Bear, Pascal Imbert, Xavier Burt, Jake Jefferson, Aramis and Jesse Jackson.

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