Eight Items or Less: An Arty Coloring Book & Aaron Carter

Gary Pini

1. Everybody thinks they belong in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. Rachael Ray is pushing Hall & Oates and Jon Bream, author of Neil Diamond is Forever, is pushing... guess who?

2. The Gagosian Shop (988 Madison Ave.) is hosting a release and signing party on Thursday, November 19, for Between the Lines: A Coloring Book of Drawings By Contemporary Artists, Volume 2. Over 50 drawings were contributed for this edition and proceeds benefit RxArt

3. Also opening on Thursday is Erik Haze's New Abstracts and Icons at Level 2 Gallery (812 Broadway, 8-10 p.m.). The exhibit is up until December 10.

4. Aaron Carter owes the IRS $1,010,635.

5. Stay now and (maybe) later. The Ka'ana Resort and Spa in Belize is offering a free stay in 2012 (cue horror movie scream) if you're one of the first 15 guests to stay between now and December 18, 2009.

6. NME lists the 100 greatest albums of the decade. Number one? The Strokes' Is This It.

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