Eating My Way Through Korea and Japan

I was recently in Korea (not North) and Japan for three weeks visiting family and friends and eating my way through the entire trip. I was blissfully ignorant of the goings-on in New York and embraced learning new streets, subway routes, currency rates and how to text in Korean (haha)! I kept a visual record of many a memorable meals I had out there in the far-flung corners of the Far East. For the record, Seoul is so on the up-and-up. Last time I went to Asia, which was five years ago, I did my travels in reverse -- Tokyo then Seoul -- and it felt anticlimactic to me. My ancestors would be so upset to hear me say this but it was kinda like going from First Class to Premium Economy. But this time around, I found Seoul and all its eclectic neighborhoods just so enchanting, fresh and fun! I still think Tokyo is magical but after Seoul, it felt like an old and majestic megapolis.

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