DVSN Are Back with a Dreamy New Track Guaranteed to Get You in the "Mood"

Daniel Daley and Nineteen85 of DVSN have long since made a name for themselves with superb and seductive releases and "Mood," the first track from their follow-up to Sept 5th. (which is also today! would you look at that!), is no different.

While "Mood" showcases Daley's dulcet tones and the chorus repeatedly uses the words "look what you made me do" — a phrase from Taylor Swift's comeback track that she just trademarked. What are you going to do!

The cover art for the song is just as magic the song itself evoking vintage French-arthouse-cinema vibes. It also hints that the duo might be putting forth a visual album à la Lemonade, as it credits for a screenplay and director of photography. Quelle surprise indeed.

Listen to "Mood" below.

[h/t The Fader]
Image via Getty

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