Drinking Buddies Drinking Game

by Joe Swanberg
Famed mumblecore director Joe Swanberg's new comedy Drinking Buddies, out in July, stars Jake Johnson and Olivia Wilde as craft-brewing colleagues whose flirtatious friendship, lubricated by glass after glass of ale, verges on romance. Watching it made us thirsty, so we asked Swanberg to come up with a drinking game to accompany future viewings. Here are the rules for the Drinking Buddies drinking game:

1) Open your first beer at the start of the film. For this section, women drink with Olivia and men drink with Jake.

2) The party scene (about 12 minutes into the film) is a free drink period. Have as much as you want.

3) When the characters arrive at the cabin in Michigan, drink when Olivia and Jake are drinking together.

4) When the characters return to Chicago, women drink with Olivia and men drink with Jake.

5) Do a shot with Olivia and Jake (approximately one hour and two minutes into the film).

6) Free drink period for the rest of the film!


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