Drew Barrymore's Sonogram + HBO's Official Girls Trailer = 8 Items Or Less

1. Pace University presents Laurie Anderson's Delusion at the Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts on March 9-10.  In Delusion, Anderson uses a series of vignettes combining video, spoken word and musical performance to convey themes of identity, memory, language and mortality.  Tickets run between $30-$65.

2. The official trailer for HBO's Girls, starring Friend of Paper Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet and Jemima Kirke. Don't know about you but we can't wait for its premiere on April 15. [The Daily What]

3. A Maryland Senate committee approved a gay marriage bill today, bringing the state one step closer to legalizing gay marriage. [Reuters/Huffington Post]

4. Drew Barrymore is probably preggo as seen by these photos of her clutching sonograms. [TMZ]

5. A British woman has a rare food disorder -- Selective Eating Disorder -- which has caused her to only eat cheese pizza for 31 years.  [The Frisky]

6. Weird Al is going to be on 30 Rock!  We can't decide if we'd rather see him playing himself or some other weirdo--maybe a long-lost Lemon? [Buzzfeed]

7.  Ann Romney's Pinterest account is a thing. [Gawker]

8. Check out these crazy looks by designer Ashish at London Fashion Week.  We love them but feel like we're getting a little déjà vu. [nymag]

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