Drew Barrymore Had a Baby + Rooftop Fish in Brooklyn = 8 Items Or Less

1) Drew Barrymore had a baby girl named Olive, which we think falls within the "sweet and respectable" range of the "Celebrities Who Name Their Children After Food" spectrum. Congrats! [UsWeekly]

2) The 83rd Volume of Now That's What I Call Music may be its last. (Yes, the effing 83rd volume.) [Gothamist]

3) Seth MacFarlane, who is looking more and more like Peter Brady to us every day (how are we just now noticing the uncanny resemblance?) will be hosting the Oscars on February 24th.  [Salon]

4) Andrew WK spoke at an Ohio convention for fans of My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic (aka "bronies") over the weekend. You can check out his hour-long talk in the video above, or read his less-time-consuming, no-less-wonderful ode to bronies in our our Septmeber issue. [Via Stereogum]
 5) A fish grows in Brooklyn! Using a water tank system called "aquaponics," an organization called VertiCulture is growing 100 tilapia and local produce on a rooftop in downtown Brooklyn. [DNAInfo]

6) Mmm, the first "gelato culture museum" has opened near Bologna, Italy. It will track the frosty treat's history from the 16th century to present day. [Reuters via Eater]

7) Two guns in Bonnie and Clyde's possession at the time of their deaths were sold for $500,000. [Daily Mail via Gallerist]

8) Well this is a Times Square bachelorette party game changer: According to an announcement posted on their Facebook page, East Village drag cabaret Lucky Cheng's is opening a second location on West 53rd Street.

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