Downton Abbey's Unlikely Celebrity Fans

While it seems like everyone around you is beginning their sentences with, "Lady Edith and her meddling..." and "Mistuh Bates' shadowy past..." well, they are not alone. Here's an odd assortment of 10 celebrities who also have been getting their Downton Abbey on.  

1. Katy Perry: First the pop star tweeted her approval when the show took home a Golden Globe ("Yes Downton Abbey! Right on, imo.") Then, reports surfaced that she was watching it to get over her recent split with hubby Russell Brand: A "source" has said that watching the show is "a way of escaping what's going on between her and Russell." And that "she really identifies with the romance and the emotional angst and she loves all the costumes."

2. Courtney Love: We have no idea where this photo came from (we found it here), but its photographic evidence that Ms. Love likes herself some DA.

3. JD Samson: The Le Tigre/MEN musician and LGBT activist recently tweeted: "Vocals costumes interviews studio Downton Abbey."

4. John Krasinski: His wife, Emily Blunt, introduced him to the period drama: "I am watching Downton Abbey right now. It is more of a cultural study than a television show -- because that is exactly how the Brits are in real life right? I think I was always secretly an Anglophile and now that I am married to a Brit, it is coming out more and more."

5. Patton Owsalt: Not only is the comedian obsessed with Downton Abbey, but he live-tweets it every Sunday night at his weekly viewing parties. A recent gem: "Damn, Maggie Smith refuses sauce like a GANGSTA! #DowntonPBS."

6. Aimee Mann: This folky singer-songwriter is a regular attendee at Oswalt's Downton Abbey-viewing parties. She recently tweeted at him: "I have a night off in MD and Downton Abbey is on! I get it three hours before you! I AM SMUG!!"

7. Sarah Jessica Parker: Though hubby Matthew Broderick had one of the most buzzed about Super Bowl commercials, SJP had "no interest" in watching the game, and instead said she'd rather watch Downton Abbey.

8. Tom Hanks: A fan!

9. Nina Garcia: Of Downton Abbey, the Project Runway judge and fashion editor has said, "I love it."

10. Seth Meyers: The SNL head writer tweeted "If I wrote lyrics to the Downton Abbey song it would definitely have the line "Where all the glances are knowwwwwwing!"


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