Dov Charney Is Being Sued for Choking An Employee...

Max Kessler

Oh boy. Calvin Klein's ex, Nick Gruber, gave a whopper of an interview to Page Six. Highlights include Nick insisting that he's straight (even though he has a boyfriend), revealing that Calvin once took him to a basement of a hotel in Chelsea in order to make him take a lie detector test, and his current boyfriend describing him as a cross between Honey Boo Boo and Kim Kardashian. We repeat, oh boy... [via Fashionista]

Here's Lena Dunham looking like Twiggy in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly.

When asked whether fashion magazines look down on bloggers, Tommy Ton replied: "Yes, absolutely [magazines look down on bloggers]. You can sense it when you're going to the shows. You feel like they belittle you in a way. Not intentionally, but you can feel like they're thinking, 'Oh, you've cheated the system. I don't feel like you earned your spot here sitting in the show.'"  [via Fashionista]

People turning their no-longer-living pets into diamonds and other gems is now a thing. [via WSJ]

Racked sent of their reporters out in one of the (unbelievably) tamer items from Yoko Ono's collection for Opening Ceremony. The result is hilarious. [via Racked]

François-Henri Pinault suggested that Alexander Wang may be designing a couture line for Balenciaga! [via Telegraph UK]

We love the series of travel-ready objects that Louis Vuitton commissioned various artists to create! Our favorite by far is the 'hanging travel cabinet' by the Campana Brothers. [via Dezeen]

Some disturbing-but-not-incredibly-surprising news out of American Apparel: Dov Charney is being sued for choking an employee and rubbing his face in the dirt. [via LA Times]

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