Double Exposure's GK Reid on the Dramas of Reality Show Stardom

Mickey Boardman

Celebrity stylist GK Reid (pictured above on left) usually ends up playing referee between photographer Markus Klinko and his partner and ex Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri on Bravo's reality show Double Exposure. Tonight's episode features shoots with Lady Gaga and Naomi Campbell and we're sure there will be drama to spare! Below, we chat with Reid about his job as a stylist, Klinko and Pal-Chaudhuri's on-camera bickering and what the future holds for the show.

How did you meet Markus and Indrani?
I started working with them nine years ago, but I don't work exclusively with them. We started working together with David Bowie and Iman. We really started to understand how what we do compliments each other. They haven't always fought like they do now.

Is the show is an accurate representation of how things really are or do you think the cameras make people act a little more extreme?
I think that the camera definitely reflects the harsher side of things and Markus and Indrani's relationship. I find it kind of frustrating, really. I wish there was more focus on the process. And really my hope out of all this was that we got to show the creative process and inspire people. I feel like it definitely touches on that but I wish it was there was more.  Tonight's episode, with Naomi Campbell and Lady Gaga, is the one I'm particularly excited about. While the bad drama is still there, I feel like it explains the process of making a great shoot. I just hope that people can overlook some of the nonsense that goes on.

Are some of the more technical aspects of the creative process filmed and then edited out so we only see the drama?
There was a lot of filming of the fashion and clothes we put people in and maybe that didn't make it because it wasn't good TV. I really jumped into this thing and I feel like I want to stand by it. There could have been better ways for some of those situations to be handled and I'm kind of frustrated by all of it right now. The kind of behavior shown on the show doesn't make people think "Wow, I wanna work with these guys"

All the pictures we take and the set-ups they require aren't concocted for the television show. We did make great pictures while we were filming and that's really what I'm most excited about. That's what I want to come out of this. The opportunity to create more pictures with amazing artists.

What was the Gaga shoot like?

Gaga was extremely courteous, and professional, lovely and on point. She really didn't let the argumentative aspect [on Markus and Indrani's end] get to her. She didn't get ruffled, she just focused on getting great pictures and kind of steered the team into focusing on the work. Which I think is really wonderful.

How about Naomi?

Naomi wasn't thrilled to do TV and I understood that because I actually wasn't either. As much as I like Bravo, I don't really feel that comfortable in front of a camera.  I love the involvement in making pictures and working as a fashion stylist, but doing it for a camera was just distracting. I feel like we were able to get Marcus and Indrani through but they were incredibly distracted too. I wanna put a positive spin on it all. I sound like I'm being really negative. The positive spin is that we created all of these great opportunities, we created an opportunity for people to see how we make images to some degree and I wish more of that process was focused on.

Are there any surprises for us in the upcoming finale?
Yeah. I think the real surprises come from what an avalanche this process has been. I think people would be surprised how we are able to continue to make great work and find a way to sort of put away some of the angst you see on camera. The Gaga and Naomi shoots were definitely a great catalyst on refocusing everybody on making great pictures.

Well, if it's picked up, do you think you'll do another season?
I wouldn't do it if it was gonna be like...I don't know. I can't say.  I'm not sure.


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