Dorit Chrysler: a Wizard, a True Theramin Star!

When I was in NYC I performed at East Coast impressario Earl Dax's cabaret event "Off The Cuff" (at Rose Live Music in Brooklyn last Sunday night). That Earl really knows how to curate a show! I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the talented likes of MEOW MEOW, Adam Dugas and deliciously acerbic author Cintra Wilson. Everyone on the bill was drop-dead entertaining but it was the winsome theramin player Dorit Chrysler that left me stunned! Wow! This girl is the bee's knees!!! Imagine if Marianne Faithfull and Nikola Tesla had a love child, with Jane Birkin as the nanny and Bjork as the wayward Girl Scout leader! The video above doesn't begin to capture Dorit's captivating charisma but it's the best I could find on YouTube. The one below, with it's trippy old-time monster movie imagery, somehow does convey the eerie and mesmerizing effect she and her otherworldly instrument have on an audience!

Check out Dorit's website and worship at the altar of this thermin goddess! And if you are in L.A. this holiday weekend, see her live at Disney Concert Hall with Steve Martin and the NY Theremin Society. This is a historic event where 10 Thereminists are being brought together in an ensemble to perform at the Disney Hall on May 26th. According to Theramin World, "This had only happened once before, 75 years ago at Carnegie Hall." The Thereminsts are Rob Schwimmer, Armen Ra, Dalit Warshaw, Dorit Chrysler, Carolina Eyck, Steve Martin, Kevin Lee, Charles Lester, Roger Ballenger and Robby Virus. More info can be found here. If I didn't have to get out to the desert so desperately this weekend (New York City was waaaaay too much city for this gal) I'd be there. Damn! I just KNOW I'm going to miss one of the more special events to hit L.A. in a looooong time. But I gotta go make my own otherworldly contacts in Joshua Tree! Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

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