Don't You Dare Bring Your Back-Alley Street Fights Around this Bichon Frise

by Elizabeth Thompson

Things were getting heated between two dogs when, out of nowhere, the Vito Coreleone of Bichon Frises steps in and breaks the whole thing up. Both the fighting dogs are like, "uh, gee, sorry boss, we didn't mean no disrespect!" Never go against the family. [Gawker]

This is terrifying. [FYouNoFMe]


Mr. Fancy Cat eats a carefully prepared gourmet sushi dinner. [Uproxx]

Bitch. [FYeahDementia]

Nobody puts fireworks in the corner. [LaughingSquid]

Meet @PanagramTweets, a Twitter bot that automatically retweets tweets that use every letter of the alphabet. [LaughingSquid]

Declaration of Independence rough draft. [ShitRoughDrafts, LaughterKey]

Here's a mesmerizing video taken by a drone with a GoPro attached to it as it flew through exploding fireworks. Ahh! [Uproxx]

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