Donna Karan Apparently Stole a Cantaloupe Last Weekend, and Other Nuggets from the Harper'sGlenda Bailey Party

Alex Chapman

Last night, we headed uptown for a pre-Fashion Week party celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Glenda Bailey's editorial reign at Harper's Bazaar. The very short event, which was held in a very small section of The International Center Of Photography, also doubled as an exhibition, with prints of some of Bazaar's most eminent spreads plastered along the white walls.

After an initial walkthrough, we ran into the smiley Stephen Gan, after having caught sight of a photo of Karl Largefield and Linda Evangelista with Gan in the backdrop a moment before.

"I consider myself a backstage person, but [photographer] Jean-Paul Goude said 'we need more extras!' That was my big an extra," Gan told us.

And is there anything in particular Gan's looking forward to in the packed days ahead? "I'm excited to go to the shows with Glenda Bailey, and to run into Carine Roitfeld, who helped me put out the September issue of V," the creative director told us. "They're my two favorite women in the world--well, I also have to give credit to Cecilia Dean." Of course, we replied. (Also, he says "hi, Mickey and Kim!")

We pursued the crowd some more, only to bump shoulders with fashion scribe Derek Blasberg, who was also on assignment, shooting video interviews for Bazaar. "I'm a New York Times best-selling author, now!" We heard Blasberg exclaim to some guests. To his credit, this is true, and his book, Classy, is actually pretty good. 

Our heart did skip a beat when a flawless Martha Stewart entered the room, immediately hounded by Patrick McMullan and the other photogs. This was a moment we had to take advantage of--we tapped Ms. Stewart on the shoulder, and asked if we could speak to her briefly. She stared at us with a closed-mouth smile, as if to say "Well?" and we nearly fainted. What advice could Ms. Stewart give us on how to survive Fashion Week unscathed?

"Be organized, have an umbrella, try to get a car that's yours for the week!" Check, check, and...working on it, Ms. Stewart.

It was not long after that we ran into the woman of the hour herself, the delightful Glenda Bailey. We told her that she's done a fantastic job of instilling a sense of humor in the magazine without hindering its serious fashion cred. We thought this makes us sound smart, and Bailey responded: "Life's too short -- I just want to enjoy it, and we all work too hard not to put some fun into the pages! "It's about being accessible and inspirational...timely but timeless."

What a nice phrase--we can tell you work in the magazine business, Glenda! "I have more if you'd like! We're not just about hemlines, we're about headlines!" Two for two.

After bopping around to Kanye and Jay-Z's "No Church In The Wild" (courtesy of The Misshapes) and some re-adjusting of our Jill Platner bracelet, we chatted with a flawless Donna Karan, whose DKNY show is open to the public this year. But we were interrupted by a woman who cried out "You stole the cantaloupe this weekend!" to which Donna laughed heartily. We can only assume this is a secret East Hampton patois that our tax bracket has rendered us ineligible to decipher.

As the music came to a halt, the lights dimmed down, the champagne stopped flowing, the stragglers filed in. "So sorry I'm late!" a brightly dressed Linda Fargo told Glenda.

Georgina Chapman (who is the probably the only woman beautiful enough to pull off fur that looks so strikingly similar to Ronald McDonald's friend Grimace) and Keren Craig also ambled in speedily at the last second to get their pictures taken and say hello.

Then there was Rachel Zoe, who practically sprinted through the exhibit, saying her hellos while hubby Rodger Berman stayed put, calmly chatting it up with friends. Her Fashion Week advice?. "Drink a lot of water, and try to get sleep whenever and wherever you can." That's it? "Lots of moisturizer," Ms. Zoe said with a smile, as she headed to the Missoni for Target party across the street (along with half the other guests). You heard it here first, folks.
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