Do Not Throw Beer Cans at Courtney Love

by Elizabeth Thompson

Paper's September cover star Courtney Love (tune in on Monday for our cover story!) has no doubt dealt with a lot of shitty audience members in her time, and when a man at a recent show in Australia chucked a beer can at her she was having none of it. Stopping her performance to point out the offender in the crowd, tell him penis is tiny, and unleash an amazing barrage of profanity, Courtney said she hadn't had a beer can thrown at her in 20 years. "You wanna go back? You wanna fucking fuck me up? Do not do that again," she screams, telling the rest of the otherwise behaving crowd that they, on the other hand, are "sweet as fuck." While some have described the above clip as Courtney going "ballistic," this is nothing! Listen to Courtney tell a water-throwing girl who was taunting her at a 1995 Hole show in Amsterdam to "take your Bon Jovi shirt and go fuck yourself with Eddie Vedder's dildo." Epic. 

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