DJ/rupture at the Natural History: Music of the Sphere

Alex Pasternack
DJ/Rupture's cooption of the Museum of Natural History on Friday the 13th's installment of One Step Beyond -- rocking a crowd of eager, clean-soled hipsters beneath the hanging sphere of the Rose Planetarium -- was right on: it's not just that he knows something about breaking up the norm, but his music is downright spacey. And not just spacey, but, along with his worldly co-conspirators Matt Shadetek and Jahdan Blakkamoore, Maluca and Sonido Martines, universal. It was a moving moment, and if we weren't so into Rupture's mix, we might have been more unsettled by the sight of beer bottles and bananas littered about those kid-friendly displays on the chemistry of the universe.

During the evening's last star show, we stumbled in to the planetarium in time to watch the Moon being formed from the Earth's geologic detritus, and enjoy the roar of the drunken audience's cheers as Earth narrowly survived an astroid collision. Watching the universe unfold anew with a crowd of excited 20 and 30 somethings was just as magical as our first 3rd grade field trips, plus there was beer. Too bad we all had to leave at 1 a.m. on the dot. What was this, a museum or something?

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