Disney's Dumbo + The Lion King On Blu-ray

The golden age of Walt Disney animation is showcased in two new digitally improved Blu-rays -- Dumbo and The Lion King. Dumbo (1941) was a cartoon classic created to counter the disappointment of Fantasia (Disney's ambitious epic which underwhelmed at the box office). Dumbo was short (64 minutes), but utterly delightful, and has endured in fans' hearts ever since. A tale of a small elephant with giant ears who learns he has the ability to fly has many memorable moments including a sweet lullaby with the mother elephant chained up and the "When I see an elephant fly" sung by some boisterous crows. But the beauty of each frame glistens on the new digital transfer and it's hard to imagine any child, or adult for that matter, not enchanted with its simplicity and charm. The Lion King (1994) does for father/son relations what Dumbo did for son/mother kinship. This African saga about a lion cub named Simba who is tricked by his wily Uncle Scar (wonderfully voiced by Jeremy Irons) into exile. There, he makes friends with a friendly warthog and other animals and finally rejoins the circle of life and his rightful place as the Lion King. The animation is stunning, the heart of the film remarkable, and ever since I saw The Book Of Mormon the "Hakuna Matata" number really cracks me up.

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