Dismemberd Limbs, Barfing and More in Girl Talk's Hilarious New Video

by Gary Pini

Sorry to interrupt your April Fools' Day antics, but we have something important to discuss: Girl Talk's first official video.  He's hooked-up with Philly rapper Freeway and Waka Flocka Flame for a track called "Tolerated" from a new EP that's out next week. It is 1) disgusting, 2) hard to watch and 3) features gratuitous violence with blood squirting from an eyeball socket.  The only participant that could possibly enjoy the severed limbs etc. is a vulture.  Where do you rent a vulture?  Anyway, the mad-masher is obviously busy getting prepared for Coachella and when he drops this tune, be sure to puke.  

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