Discokaina Decadence

Peter Davis
Amy Douglas and Rubio Res of Koko Dozo have started a new project, Discokaina, with producer Boomchi. And like Dozo, it's a disco-drenched, dirty doozie. "Discokaina is what happens when two filthy degenerates take the entire Casablanca Records catalog, chop it up on a mirror and snort it up your nose. It is sleazy, it's opulent and it's more than a little over the top. It's a deep homage to the kings of disco, it's filthy pop," Baron tells me. "It is music to live out your wildest dreams to, to drink absinthe and smoke weed to. To stay out way past your bedtime to. It's music to behave badly to. It's completely irresponsible music." You can hear the first single, Fashion Mag, on their MySpace page. The EP is out this June.

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