Diplo vs Flume: Which Producer's Lorde "Tennis Court" Remix Reigns Supreme?

by Lainey Sidell

Producers Diplo and Flume have taken to the proverbial arena to display their re-imagined renditions of Lorde's single "Tennis Court."  We've been vibing out to Flume's remix since it dropped in May -- the synthy beats make for a serious jam. Diplo bestowed his, lighter, punchier version upon us yesterday, which he calls "Diplo's Andre Agassi Reebok Pump Mix," because he's Diplo and it's way funnier that way.

In any event, both remastered versions alleviate the weird feels we get from watching Lorde's music video for the original track, in which she stares through the camera and into the blackest depths of our soul, mouthing only a singular, "yeah."  Have a listen and decide for yourself who wins the match-up below.


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