Dina Kelberman's "I'm Google" Finds The Art In Web Surfing

By Hazel Cills

Baltimore-based artist Dina Kelberman's work grows out of her affinity for organizing imagery, whether she finds it from surfing long hours on the Internet or from other media sources like television or her daily life. Her latest project, "I'm Google," highlights the beauty in the monotony of Google Image Search. Hosted on an ongoing Tumblr blog, the project serves as a stream of consciousness of sorts for Kelberman, who uses the blog to catalogue her Internet findings, which tend to focus on simple, industrial products and objects including gymnastic mats and household wares. In the process of searching for imagery, one photograph leads to the next and Kelberman quickly discovers new ideas and new topics, a phenomenon that she wanted to explore in this project (and one that reminds us of the "Wikipedia K-hole" phenomenon where one link leads to the next and to the next and suddenly you're reading about alien abductions). The Tumblr is seemingly never-ending, just like Google Image Search itself. Below, check out some snapshots from I'm Google.

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