Dime Bags Endure + The Wailers Return in Today's Eight Items or Less

Gary Pini

1. Why is a bag of weed always $10?

2. Hot party-promo team Good Peoples are back at our fave NYC venue 88 Palace (88 East Broadway at Forsyth) with a LuckyMe party this Friday, September 24, 10 p.m. - 4 a.m.).  Warp Records' artists Hudson Mohawke and Rustie are DJing along with Mike Slott, The Blessings, Lunice, Jacques Greene, Eclair Fifi, Machinedrum, Cubic Zirconia and Azealia Banks (XL).  All for only $15.

3. Log on to the Outrace website and you can operate one of eight giant robots that are in Trafalgar Square in London until Thursday, September 23.  The bots will light the sky with your message using 3D LED lights.

4. Listen to five Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross tracks from The Social Network here.  The film opens on October 1.

5. Nine paintings and one sculpture from Jeff Koons' controversial 1990 Venice Biennale exhibit will be on view at Luxembourg & Dayan (64 East 77th Street) from October 6 to January 21, 2011.

6. American fashion designer Ruth Harkness brought the first live panda, Su-Lin, out of China in 1936. (via Financial Times)

7. The Wailers are playing B.B. King's Blues Club (237 West 42nd Street) tonight, September 20.  They just released their first single in 16 years.

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