Heads up all you Zef Cats, Die Antwoord are back and as wonderfully terrifying as ever. The South African art-rap duo released a new video today for their song "Pitbull Terrier," which appears on their forthcoming album, Donker Mag, and the freakshow antics are in rare form. The clip stars Ninja wearing a nightmarish rubber pitbull mask and running around a dystopic urban hellhole killing people. Not for nothing, one of those casualties is a Pitbull doppelgänger (bonus points for the fact that he's credited as 'Dwanky Pitbull' on YouTube). Rounding things out are two models dressed in black-and-white body paint and cat-shaped bondage masks, Yo-Landi in flesh-colored underwear and body art and a wild-eyed dancer credited as a "Voodoo Witch." Basically, it's a real charming little film.

Watch "Pitbull Terrier," above, and keep an eye out for Donker Mag, out June 3.