Die Antwoord Murder Pitbull In Their Cuckoo New Video

by Abby Schreiber

Heads up all you Zef Cats, Die Antwoord are back and as wonderfully terrifying as ever. The South African art-rap duo released a new video today for their song "Pitbull Terrier," which appears on their forthcoming album, Donker Mag, and the freakshow antics are in rare form. The clip stars Ninja wearing a nightmarish rubber pitbull mask and running around a dystopic urban hellhole killing people. Not for nothing, one of those casualties is a Pitbull doppelgänger (bonus points for the fact that he's credited as 'Dwanky Pitbull' on YouTube). Rounding things out are two models dressed in black-and-white body paint and cat-shaped bondage masks, Yo-Landi in flesh-colored underwear and body art and a wild-eyed dancer credited as a "Voodoo Witch." Basically, it's a real charming little film.

Watch "Pitbull Terrier," above, and keep an eye out for Donker Mag, out June 3.

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