Our favorite Brazillian furniture designers, Fernando and Humberto Campana have been in town burning the midnight oil while working on installing their show at the Moss Gallery (corner of Greene and Houston Streets). Swing by the show, which opens tonight, if you can.  (We can't wait for the party.) I've known the Campanas (they are brothers) for many years and have watched them shoot to international fame recently. Now these guys are rock stars. (Theyre cuties too!!) Check out their newest chairs, the "brushchair" (pictured here in green) which comes in a rainbow of bright colors. (produced by Edra)

Another elderly rock starlet of design is the 90 something-year-old Eva Zeisel who will be signing books at Crate and Barrel on November 10th. Crate and Barrel re-issued Zeisel's dinnerware last year and although it's not made in typical Zeisel quality, it is authorized with her blessing and isn't bad for cheap dishes. (See photo above) Buy a piece and get her to autograph it. Not a bad collectors item!


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