Desi Santiago's "The Black Lords" Reigns Supreme in South Beach

Rebecca Smeyne
Photos by Rebecca Smeyne

Artist Desi Santigo has created an all-encompassing installation in Miami called "The Black Lords," his largest project to date, with support from Perrier and public arts initiative BOFFO.  Literally wrapped around the Lords Hotel in South Beach, the piece represents a "ravenous black dog named Gypsy," a recurring icon in Santiago's work. In the pool courtyard where the piece is centered, visitors are invited to write a question on a card, slip it inside a podium, press a button, and the giant black gypsy will answer "yes," "no," or "maybe" in dramatic fashion. To celebrate the piece, Ladyfag and Perrier hosted an intimate penthouse soiree atop the hotel, where a bartender donned thematically consistent claw-shaped pasties. Pics from the fun, below

Ladyfag and David Bromstad of HGTV's Color Splash

Desi Santiago

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