Denny's Fried Cheese Melt + Shirtless Teen Conan in Today's Eight Items or Less

Elizabeth Thompson

1) Stream the entire Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World soundtrack on Spinner. Then read our features on stars Brie Larson, Ellen Wong, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Satya Bhabha!

2) Pre-order Zachary Lipez, Stacy Wakefield and Nick Zinner's Please Take Me Off the Guest List and you'll get an autographed book and Zinner photo, as well as a 7" of music by Zinner, Lipez, and Wakefield. 

3) Jezebel has uncovered the MySpace and Facebook profiles of Jay 420 (JWoww's friend mentioned on Jersey Shore last week whose name made us all do spit takes). What about Joey Yanks? [Jezebel]

4) Denny's has a new "Fried Cheese Melt" sandwich on its menu that features four breaded mozzarella sticks between melted American cheese. A friend of ours, who is not us, thinks it sounds kind of good. [Eater]

5) Juergen Teller shot Vivienne Westwood for her fall accessories campaign. Art Info says she looks like "something between Queen Elizabeth I and the court jester." We think she'd take that as a compliment. [Art Info]

6) Conan O' Brien has confirmed via Twitter that this is, in fact, a shirtless photo of him from long ago. Lookin' good, teen Coco! [Hollywood Reporter]

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