Deitch Promises "Art in the Streets" Will Come to NYC.

Three cheers for Jeffrey Deitch. Say what you want about him -- and people have -- he gets it done without fear of consequences. While the Brooklyn Museum, buckling under political pressure, cancels the much anticipated "Art in the Streets" show currently on view at LA's MoCA, Deitch tells the Times: "We will find a way to bring it to New York. If not in a museum, we'll just do it on our own."

According to Walter Robinson's angry reaction in artnet  and a report in the New York Times, politics has more to do with the cancellation than the "economic climate." When I asked the Brooklyn Museum how much money was needed and whether politics had anything to do with the decision not to mount the show, I received the following reply from Sally Williams, the Brooklyn Museum's information director: "Sorry, but we never discuss specifics of funding.  And, the decision to withdraw was purely financial."

Having worked with Deitch in the past on various projects including the much-loved but not forgotten Art Parade, I can attest to his fearlessness. Hey, Jeffrey, can't wait for you to bring the show home where it belongs!

Photo by Patrick McMullan

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