Dee & Ricky for G-Shock

Zandile Blay
I met Dee & Ricky years ago while covering an event at Atmos, the uptown sneaker boutique, for some publication. (If it's not PAPER, it's not memorable.) Actually, "met" is a bit polite. "Stared at and stalked for most of the night" is probably more accurate." The dynamic duo were surrounded by a coterie of cuties in getups meticulously chosen to look as careless as possible, and to say that I haven't been smitten with the style-savvy accessory designers since would be an understatement. The designers, who have a cult line of broaches and belts have now added watches to their design work. Behold their latest venture: the GA110DR-117 for G-Shock. The watch was designed by Dee & Ricky and infuses G-Shock's classic face with the energy and color the boys are known for. Want your own? Get it this month online for $130.

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