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David Beckham On the Cover of Elle UK + See H&M's Fall Line in Today's Style Scraps

Uh, here is David Beckham on the cover of Elle UK. We'll give you a moment to pop your eyes back in.

Speaking of Beckhams on magazine covers, here's E.M. Forster fan Victoria Beckham on the new cover of German Interview. [TheCut]

Photo: Tyler Shields

A lot of people are really steamed with Clint Eastwood's 19-year-old daughter for posing in a photo shoot for her 30-year-old photographer boyfriend Tyler Shields, in which she destroys a $100,000 Birkin bag. The concept for the shoot was discussed on last night's episode of Mrs. Eastwood & Company, a new E! reality show featuring Clint Eastwood's wife Dina raising her two teenage daughters, hoarding boomboxes and dead pets' ashes, and, for reasons only vaguely explained, managing a South African boy band. (P.S. We thought we were going to hate this show but we kind of love it. Don't tell anyone.) [TMZ]


Here's a video of H&M's complete fall 2012 line. Love the Jean Paul Gaultier-inspired varsity jackets and that sparkly harness thing over the button down! [Refinery29]


Style.com has a great story on various people with devoted Commes Des Garcons collections, including design duo Creatures of the Wind, Marie Claire editor Taylor Tomasi Hill and phD candidate (and former Papermag Smell Ya columnist! ) Jonathan Boschetto (pictured above).

Givenchy birds of paradise sandals. [HighSnobette]

Following his arrest for cocaine possession, Calvin Klein's boyfriend Nick Gruber posted this message on his Facebook page over the weekend after completing a rehab stint in Wickenburg, Arizona. [The Cut]

Hey everyone, I just had such amazing learning experience from Rehab. I have leaned so about my self. I am so Thankful that I went. I am a different person. I don't want to go back to my old self. I want to focus on my future on become a successful person on Education, Work and Bettering my self every day by day. No more partying. Time to be a grown adult. Thanks to rehab and the people who love and care About me. I am now going to aftercare. I want to better my self even more :) - Nick Gruber

Fashion Bomb Daily found Rihanna's Boy London Leave the Boy Alone tank top (which she posted photos of herself wearing while cooking some gun pancakes this weekend) at PatriciaField.com It's on sale, too!

It's totes totes season. Refinery29 has some cute suggestions.

Most of us are back in the office, but there are still a bunch of Memorial Day sales going on through today, including Rugby Ralph Lauren and Dolce Vita (pictured above). Hit 'em up after work! [RackedNY]

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