Dangerous Muse Dazzled at (le) Poisson Rouge

Alex Catarinella

In New York City, Andy Warhol-themed parties are basically like knock-off designer bags. (See: cheap, ubiquitous, nothing like the real thing,cringe-worthy, etc...) Nonetheless, DJ/publicist extraordinaire Matt Kays and I crawled out of our Sunday hangovers and trekked it to West Village's (le) Poisson Rouge last night to support our rock star pal, Mike Furey,
the foxy frontman of electro-pop outfit Dangerous Muse, who were the headliners at "The Warhol Experience: An Evening of Art, Film, Fashion and Rock 'n' Roll."

En route, Matt and I cut through Washington Square Park where we were greeted with the super buzz-killing NO SMOKING signs. New York circa Warhol's days this was not.

But then we entered another world in the dark basement of LPR: A sea of goth kids rocking flashing devil horns and losing their shit; projections of Andy Warhol Factory videos; and a tribal band performance complete with a topless chick and a python-wielding dancer. Yes, seriously. And suddenly we too were wearing flashing devil horns, and very, very entertained -- swooning over the shirtless, massively-muscled tribal drummer with the mohawk and staring in fascination at the teeny-weeny shirtless boy working some Gaga-esque heel-less creations.

Dangerous Muse closed the evening, and quite frankly, killed it. Furey served his best David Bowie-y theatrical swagger while clad in what I can only describe as a black-and-white checkered, masked onesie. Sure, the Edie Sedgwick projections were mildly depressing, but the evening was totally what goth glam-rock dreams are made of. We are happy to report that the crazy, freaky spirit of New York City was alive and well, and Warhol himself may have even approved.

Photos by Jack Llewellyn-Karski

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