Dance Party! Lovecat's Bash with Teddy Bears and The Pierces

Alex Chapman

Yesterday evening, Lovecat Mag's Prince Chenoa and Jacob Dekat hosted a battle of the bands in the rock 'n' roll basement of Lincoln Center's cooler little sis Milk Studios. The building's bottom floor was adorned in dive bar décor-- faded murals and neon signs lined the red brick walls (along with posters of Lindsay Lohan vamping for the cover of Lovecat's newest issue), while multi-colored lights were strung across the ceiling, all helping to solidify the petite
venue as this week's high-fashion hideaway.

Of course this claim wouldn't be coherent without considering the party's well-dressed patrons; downtown DJ Chelsea Leyland and designer Katie Gallagher (who showed at Milk Sunday to a crowd that included Sir Jared Leto) chatted among friends in the long, smoke-filled hallway proceeding the basement doors, while LastNightsParty's Bronques (remember him?) snapped pics of a fishnet stocking-clad Chanel Iman as she sang along to the sultry sounds of talented three-piece The Pierces.

"You don't want to hug me," a perspiring Bronques told us. Maybe not. But the shutterbug's sweat was in just--the basement was a humidity-heavy wind tunnel,with the heat being blown around by big fans in an effort to cool the party off (also a big help: the array of refreshments offered at the Kanon Vodka bar, except for a delicious drink featuring cayenne peppers called the "Spicy Pear"--our lips are still numb).

The night was spent frequenting between the festooned main room (which, in true basement party fashion, hosted a large rug in lieu of an actual stage) and its white hallway, which many made a mainstay while green-haired DJ Venus X played an impressive mix of music (including Crime Mob!) in between acts. Some partygoers quickly came and went, not able to handle the sweltering torridity, but all those who endured most definitely danced along to the tech-heavy Teddy Bears once they hit the stage/carpet. All choosing to don big, bear heads with glowing, crimson eyes (a la electro sovereign Deadmau5), the group went through a slew of rump-
shaking material as the crowd finally got a clearly desired chance to get their freak on. "We're Swedish!" the band yelled before bouncing around the room to take photos with fans.

The always chic and endearingly shy Sky Ferreira rocked the 1s and 2s until the party's close, but we were long gone before then, desperately in need of a shower, a slice of pizza and some ice for our anesthetized lips. If that doesn't say "good time," we're not quite sure what does.

Photos via Lovecat.

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