Dan Deacon Turns Your Phone into a Mini-Concert With New App

Jen Ortiz

Glow sticks? As if.

Baltimore-based electronic favorite Dan Deacon is known for his interactive shows that fuse his theatrical, energetic concerts with audience participation in the form of coordinated movement and cell phone-based pieces. And now your iPhone can get in on the action. (Check out the preview video above!)

Out today, the Dan Deacon Smartphone App was developed by programmer Keith Lea, Patrick McMinn, Alan Resnick, and Robert O'Brien (and of course, Deacon himself). 

Here's how it works: the app turns your phone into "a source of synchronized light and sound depending on your location with each venue." The screen becomes a light show, the speaker becomes an instrument, and the L.E.D. becomes a strobe light.

In other words, it transforms a stageshow into a totally immersive concert experience. Plus, it does it without the use of WiFi or cellular data.

Deacon will begin including the app as part of his show tonight at the Cleveland stop of his tour. It's available at the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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