Damien Hirst is the World's Priciest Drug Dealer

by Gabby Bess
Image via artsy.net

Yesterday, Damien Hirst's latest exhibition, Schizophrenogenesis opened at Paul Stopler gallery in London. The banal show, with a name that not even the gallerist can pronounce, is a slick production of pretty pills and shiny bottles. But unlike the artist's "Medicine Cabinets," this time the drugs that Hirst is peddling are larger than life -- in both price and size.

We know a guy who can get you some Xanax for like $3 but if you want one of Hirst's "sculptural editions" you can pick one up for as low as £800, or $1284.39 over at Artsy.

Sudafed PE Sinus, £5,000

Deltacortril Enteric 5mg 30 enteric coated tablets (left) and Chlordiazepoxide 5mg 24 capsules (right), £8,000

The Cure - Bubblegum Pink/Payne's Grey/Iceberg Blue, £3,500

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