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Yesterday, Damien Hirst's latest exhibition, Schizophrenogenesis opened at Paul Stopler gallery in London. The banal show, with a name that not even the gallerist can pronounce, is a slick production of pretty pills and shiny bottles. But unlike the artist's "Medicine Cabinets," this time the drugs that Hirst is peddling are larger than life -- in both price and size.

We know a guy who can get you some Xanax for like $3 but if you want one of Hirst's "sculptural editions" you can pick one up for as low as £800, or $1284.39 over at Artsy.

Sudafed PE Sinus, £5,000

Deltacortril Enteric 5mg 30 enteric coated tablets (left) and Chlordiazepoxide 5mg 24 capsules (right), £8,000

The Cure - Bubblegum Pink/Payne's Grey/Iceberg Blue, £3,500